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  • Elite Masonry TCT...

    This high quality masonry bit offers a percussion ground tungsten tip, a machined body to reduce drag and a deep L shaped flute for a more efficient dust removal technique. This bit is made for use with percussion drills but is particularly useful when combined with a cordless tool as the number of holes that can be drilled between charges can increase by up to 25%. This bit is manufactured to DIN8039 standard.

  • Brickmaster TCT Drill...

    This bit is for use with rotary drills including cordless drill/drivers in rotary action only. This bit can be used without lubrication on materials such as block, brick, ceramics, slate and marble. If using lubrication you can use it on aluminium or cast iron. The L-shaped flute is diamond sharpened to enable the lowest resistance possible. This bit is manufactured to DIN8039 standard.

  • Performance SDS Plus...

    A European manufactured hammer drill with a patented, high-volume, multi-flute that quickly channels the drilling dust from the hole, saving both time and money. Due to its aggressive design, the fast and durable carbide tip allows easy centering and spot drilling. Designed for regular professional use, providing excellent performance in the toughest of materials.

  • Screwdriver Bits &...
  • Chisels and Points

    SDS-Plus, SDS MAX

  • Performance Auger Bits

    Premium quality bits with high speed cutting and good finish suitable for hard and soft woods.

  • Performance Stubby...

    Especially designed to be used in angle drills enabling access into confined spaces. Excellent feed rate with low pressure required.

  • Diamond Blades
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items